Joshua G. Stein

Joshua G. Stein is the founder of Radical Craft. a Los Angeles-based studio that advances an experimental art and design practice saturated in history, archaeology, and craft. This inquiry inflects the production of urban spaces and artifacts by evolving newly grounded approaches to the challenges posed by virtuality, velocity, and globalization. His recent projects reimagine the construction and resource extraction industries as anthropogenic geological processes while investigating new applications for earthen materials. Joshua G. Stein has received numerous grants, awards, and fellowships, including multiple grants from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, the AIA Upjohn research award, and the 2010-11 Rome Prize Fellowship in Architecture. He is Professor of Architecture at Woodbury University where he is the Interim Chair of the Sustainable Practices program.


“With the STARTS4Water residency, I propose to reimagine the Western Po Valley as a territory whose hydrology is both directed by and composed of anthropogenic activities, most significantly, the sediment transports and distributes downstream trace amounts of the positive and negative aspects of human culture and development.”