This is the manual for using our STARTS4Water internal Journal.

Its goals are:

  • Keeping track of progress of STARTS4Water Residencies
  • Networking between Residencies
  • Reflection on research methods and innovativeness 
  • All above should facilitate the reporting phases of the STARTS4Water project

The Journal is for the use of:

  • Artists (who do the residencies)
  • European Partners (who host the residencies)
  • Journalists (who interview the artists, experts or institutions) – to be organized by V2_ as part of WP3

The following categries are to be used to keep the Journal organized:

  • Artists (posts by the artists)
  • European Partners (posts by hosting institutions)
  • STARTS Residencies (posts by the artist)
  • STARTS Academy (event reports and summary by host institutions) 
  • STARTS Experts (LEG – local expert group – meetings, posts by institutions)
  • Networking events (report and summary) 

V2_lab commissioned a group of journalists for three rounds of online interviews with the artists. The first round of interviews is about the research phase of the residencies (to be done in January), the second interview focuses on the development phase (to be done in March) and the final round covers the production phase (done in June).

The Journal is a WordPress site with the following roles:

  • Administrator  – has access to all the administration features (can assign editor and author rights) (V2_lab)
  • Editor – can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.of all users (V2_Lab)
  • Author  – can publish and manage their own posts (comms people and others from the hosting institutions, artists, journalists).

Each post will consist of 

  • a featured image (700 x 500) that will be shown on the home page excerpt
  • more images in the post itself
  • a text of max 500 words- first few lines will be shown on the home page excerpt
  • the categories that are relevant to the post

To get access as an author, send an email to Everdien Breken: e.c.breken[at]
To get support on how to use the WordPress backend to post/update, get in touch  with Everdien