ANNA RIDLER — Reflection Phase

In October we set up a first meeting between artist Anna Ridler and the Local Expert Group. During this meeting, each local expert provided insight into the workings of their company/institution and their field of expertise. They elaborated on ways they could contribute, collaborate and support the artist in the residency. The artist submitted to the experts her artistic vision in accordance with the artistic project she intends to explore and realize in the fellowship. These introductions were followed by an in-depth analysis of the artist’s ideas by the experts. 

After the first LEG meeting, Anna Ridler visited the sites of Local Expert Group partner North Sea Port by boat. On this boat trip, she met with local experts Gerjo Bommelje, Advisor Spatial Development at North Sea Port and Dirk Halet, strategic coordinator of VLAKWA (Flanders Knowledge Centre Water). They exchanged ideas and expertise and brainstormed about the further course of the fellowship. On this trip, the British artist gained more information, insight and feeling with the Flanders region.

The first LEG meeting was followed by individual meetings between the artist and local experts in which the artist gained a more profound insight in the operation of their company/institution, their expertise and the possibility of having access to their data, materials, … The artist and experts had one on one brainstorms about the possible directions in which the artistic project may evolve. 

In November we set up a second meeting between the Local Expert Group and artist Anna Ridler. Anna gave an insight into her research and inspiration for the project so far and presented a workplan for the residency. Together with the local experts they reflected on ways to shape the residency and the artwork. 

This residency is hosted by LUCA School of Arts, in partnership with GLUON and with the support of Farys, Antea Group, De Watergroep, North Sea Port, Smappee, Snowball, Vito, Vlakwa, Timelab.