Sediment Samples in the Italian Pre-Alps | Joshua G. Stein

I’ve been collecting “samples,” both digital and material, that document the potential erosion of architecture and infrastructure and its distribution in local waterways. The digital samples, LiDAR scans with a limited range, seem to exacerbate or anticipate the future erosion…

Glaciers as storages of memories of the past – in conversation with Theresa Schubert

Training process of neural networks with glacier images (StyleGAN and VQGAN+CLIP). Courtesy: Theresa Schubert.

What can fluvial systems and glaciers tell us about climate change? And how can we measure the human impact on these complex water networks? During her residency at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Berlin-based artist Theresa Schubert investigated the fluvial systems…

Visit to the Ecomuseo delle Erbe Palustre

Artists-in-residence Sonia Levy, Heather Anne Swanson, Meredith Root-Bernstein and Alexandra Arènes recently visited Ecomuseo delle Erbe Palustre to learn more about the traditional use of wetland plants. In May, they plan to return to follow up on their investigations through a workshop.

Leonor Serrano Rivas and Diego Delas meet local expert Georg Umgiesser

For our meeting with Georg, we focussed on the differential parameters that empower the apparition of the Aqua Alta phenomenon. A deep survey on these four parameters was deployed brilliantly by Georg during our conversation, and as a result, our task was to inquire amongst others on systems of representation and analysis, measurement and data compilations.

The Future of High Waters: Nature-Based Solutions for The Venetian Lagoon – First meetings with Local Experts Group

The winners of The Future of High Waters: Nature-Based Solutions for The Venetian Lagoon challenge: Sonia Levy, Heather Anne Swanson, Meredith Root-Bernstein and Alexandra Arènes, got the opportunity to talk with the co-founder and executive director of We are here Venice (WahV) Jane da Mosto on January 1 and continued by meeting a cultural geographer and researcher Francesco Visentin on January 26. 

Tracing fluvial systems from meltwater to wastewater | Theresa Schubert

RESEARCH AND REFLECTION PHASE (01-02/22) Back in January I started my first residency stay at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto with the challenge “Fluvial systems as indicators of climate change and its impakt”.  Next to the Cervo Already the location of…

“The artificial creation of wild conditions seems to be very present in the Netherlands.”

A conversation with the Center for Genomic Gastronomy (CGG) about the first phase of their residency. Artists Emma Conley, Cathrine Kramer and Zack Denfeld are currently completing the research phase of their S+T+ARTS4WATER project, focusing on water management and food…